Block Island and Coastal New England Fine Art Photography.  My work captures the essence of summer in New England. Block Island is a magical place full of natural beauty.  I try to capture moments in time that may evoke a memory of a special place on the island from your family visits during childhood through adulthood.  The island holds tremendous memories for generations of families who live on the island or visit each year.  Some favorite spots are the North Light, South East Light, Old Harbor (downtown), New Harbor, Mansion Beach, Fred Benson town beach, Crescent beach, the Spring House, West Side sunsets  at Dorey's Cove, Grace's cove and Cooneymus                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            and many other special spots on the island.

Block Island Lobster Pot Christmas Tree Photo Greeting Card


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Block Island Lobster Pot Christmas tree photo greeting card. 5×7 finished size handmade blank photo greeting card is signed and dated with a short description of the image. It comes with a matching envelope and clear sleeve. 4 images to choose from.


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One of the special Block Island holiday traditions is the festive Christmas Tree that greets you as the ferry pulls into Old Harbor. The tree is Constructed of several lobster pots, adorned with colorful lights and buoys for ornaments and topped off with a star lit beacon . This 5×7 blank photo greeting card will bring joy to anyone who receives it. Each card is handmade by the artist, signed and dated with a brief description of the image on the back or front of the greeting card. The cards come with a matching envelope and a cellophane sleeve in a deckled(torn) edge or embossed framed edge. The description/greeting on the outside of the card can also be custom ordered. ( I.e. Greeting’s from the Smith’s, Island Greetings, I’m dreaming of an island Christmas).
The cards fit nicely into a 5×7 picture frame and make a wonderful gift for any occasion. They come individual or in groups of 6 and 8.
Gift set contains 6 cards and is wrapped in a signature ribbon. 4 images to choose from.
There are 4 images to choose from 1. Daytime image with blue sky, 2. Daytime image with roping , 3. Nighttime image with pathway 4. Nighttime image with moon above
These photo greeting cards fit nicely in a 5×7 standard picture frame and makes a great gift for any occasion.
Prints and ornaments can also be ordered.

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Weight 1.0 oz
Dimensions 8 × 10 in
Painting Daisies Photo

Daytime Image Blue Sky, Daytime Image with Roping, Nighttime with Moon, Nighttime with Path

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$5.50 Each, 5 for $25, 6 for $27, 8 for $36


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Tracey Lee Michaelson is a Narragansett resident with special ties to  Block Island.

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